What do you want?

Have you taken
The time to consider this?
Even just an hour?
I realized
when someone asked
“Sterling, what do you want?”
It felt like a chore to answer.
It felt like work
To tell them what I want.
Have you felt like that before?
It’s ironic
because in answering
that question
I then know the life of my dreams,
or something closer to it.
What if
instead of it
feeling like work,
it felt like a GIFT?
Like Christmas morning?
When I was in college and struggling to make ends meet and struggling to figure out what I wanted in life, I stumbled on books.
Personal Development Books
They changed me.
they helped me get clear on
one main thing.
In life.
I can
What I want.
And therefore.
Make no mistake.
I am not
the only one.
You can too.
As my parting gift
For this post
I ask you
What do you want?
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