THE STORY OF HOW I BUILT A SIX FIGURE COACHING BUSINESS…in 7 months…without an email list or paid ads.

As I sit here coworking in the beautiful city of Barcelona, I catch myself thinking about what my life was like a year ago.
About 11 months ago, I realized I wanted, more than anything, to build a coaching and personal development company around me as a personal brand. I had believed it wasn’t possible for someone like me to become a coach.
Here’s why:
– I wasn’t qualified.
– I had a grand total of 1 year of business experience (which was a 1 man (me) consulting operation. Basically a door to door sales job where I was technically a business owner.)
– I didn’t feel like I had a unique story.
– I didn’t come from poverty like so many other coaches (I come from a middle class family), or a picture perfect healthy one (my parents were divorced when I was 2).
– I was feeling like a total fraud after leaving my faith of 8 years and not knowing what to believe in spiritually speaking. (I had planned on being a missionary for my life until about 6 months prior to this decision, talk about life-altering).
– Oh yeah, and I was broke. Like no money to start. All the credit cards maxed out (late on several payments too) and no savings and a couple hundred dollars in the account kind of broke.
Even after beginning my coaching business, the first couple of months I really struggled to where even 7 months ago I was sleeping on the floor of my mom’s friend’s house because I had no money to pay for rent anymore. I had about $60 in my bank account at this point.
And while these are the facts, they aren’t all that determines success. There is so much more. Like possibilities.
Here’s what I did have:
– A dogged persistence to NEVER accept failure as the final outcome. Failure could happen along the way, But I would never, ever, ever give up in response.
– a clear vision of financial freedom, international travel, and life-changing interactions with every client. I’ve certainly failed a bunch and screwed up many more times than I’d like to recount, but every screwup was a learning opportunity.
– The decision to FIND A WAY to hire a coach who had created the business I wanted, no matter what it took from me, so I didn’t spend years figuring out what I could learn in days.
– a desire to create a business where I was not the hero, but my clients were.

On December 15, 2015, while lying in bed recovering from and fresh off an ACL surgery on my right knee (5 days before) I made my first sale selling a fitness coaching package. Since that time, here are the total numbers from this business.
I have a business which will easily eclipse multiple six figures by year’s end. Specifically I’ve made $150k cash in the bank and currently have receivables for an additional $30k before the end of the year. That doesn’t include any future business I’ll create over the next 3.5 months.
– This month in September so far, I’ve made just over $32k.
-In each of the past 2 months (August and July) before that I made $16k.
– My income was between $12-15k in each of the previous few months (April-June) and down from there in previous months to form the balance to get to $150k.
Additional benefits:
– I get to travel the world and work with people from anywhere. From my phone and iPad. Everything is virtual unless I choose to meet with a client in person (which looks a client flying to meet me wherever I am).
– I’ve done it without more than 600 people on my email list (which definitely has to change for it to scale upwards and soon.)
– Barely any funnel to speak of. And a clunker of a website.
– And a couple hundred dollars wasted on failed paid advertising efforts which brought me no business. So basically no paid ads which did anything good for me.
And honestly, many days it feels like a dream come true, because that’s exactly what it is.
In the process of building this, I’ve had tons of people ask me what I’ve done.
“How did you build your coaching business this fast?”
(And yeah, I did it with no money to start, no email list, and no paid ads, a clunker of a funnel and so on.)
“How did you get to a multi-six figure business and beyond and so quickly?”
So now instead of sharing everything one to one which I have been doing, what I’ve decided to do is start sharing some of what’s worked for me in the process of building this coaching business. I’ll be using the rest of this week to share content which I wish I had before I started in coaching.
If you’re a coach, and you’re not yet making six figures full time, or you’re successful doing email marketing, and want to learn a different way to market, check this out. It will radically improve your skills.
Here’s some of the content I’ll be going through:
– Sales Mastery strategies so you know how to close high ticket sales to fill your coaching program. Sales mindset strategies.
– How to network so you always have people asking about you, and then wanting to do business with you instead of expecting you to do business with them.
– My strategies for how I built my Instagram from 400 followers to 19k in 4 months without paid advertising. (And no, the secret is not hashtags, that never worked for me).
– what to do to brand yourself using the power of specific storytelling to engage people
– the mindset I have which allowed me to grow my business month after month after month.
Honestly, the stuff I’m going to teach you will likely go against what every other guru has taught (btw I’m not a guru). Because as far as I can see, almost all of them teach that you NEED an email list or NEED to do paid advertising or need a funnel or fancy website or blah blah blah.
And those things are great, now that I have capital to invest, I’ll be putting money into those things.
But when I started, I needed to find a different way to launch my business because all of those things honestly seemed so confusing. I needed a different solution.
And so here it is.
If you’re interested in these trainings, let me know by commenting YES or PMing me. I’ll let you know where to find it. No, it doesn’t cost anything.
This is my way of giving back, after wishing I had this information at my disposal when I began.



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