I remember when I thought I was only one book away.

Just this next book and I’ll have my shit together.
Or maybe it’s this event and I’ll have it handled.
I only need to show up and after the speaker is finished, I’ll have what I need for good. I’ll be set and have a clear purpose and plan of action.
Or nah it’s not that, but once I make the connection with that influencer. Then I’ll be able to have lunch or coffee with them and then I’ll have answers to all my burning questions.
And once I receive the answers to those questions, I’ll always know what to do.
Sometimes I get into thinking success will come will with one more ________.
But success is not an event.
Success is a habit. It’s a practice.
You won’t become successful with buying another book, buying that course, or even hiring that coach. I’ll tell you like it is…success takes consistent action.
Now certainly learning from experts allows it to take WAY LESS TIME. I’ve got a handful of books and coaches in my life who’ve exponentially helped me by sharing their wisdom.
But it’s never going to be another conference or coach that fixes it. You’ve got to change what you do every day.
John Maxwell says “If you want to change your life, change something you do daily.”
I get it, the idea of instant gratification is appealing, but it’s not realistic. Not for anything truly good in life.
When you are dirty, and need to be clean , you wouldn’t tell yourself “I just need one really freaking good shower. Just need the best organic soap and shampoo, and someone to apply it on me in just the right way (and in the right places), and then I’ll be clean for good.”
Just the one kickass shower.
And then I’ll never need another shower for life.
Really, you wouldn’t think that way? You need to take showers often to be clean…even daily?!
That’s right.
Now, if you’re really dirty (like you rolled in mud or haven’t showered for years), then you need a really good one. It’s going to take time to get that shit off of you. Hell, you may need to spend a day just getting your body scrubbed and your toenails clipped and your ears cleaned out.
But even after all that…your body needs to be maintained.
Showers need to be taken everyday.
Teeth need brushing every day.
Your mind needs feeding every day.
Everything you want, can come to you through a routine.
You want to lose weight? It will take different habits.
After all, you can’t just eat one salad and then you’ll be thin.
But it works the other way too, you don’t just eat one pizza and then you’re be overweight.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, your business and dream lifestyle won’t be either.
I sit here this morning in an apartment I literally could not have imagined for myself in my wildest dreams 3 years ago, hell, I was homeless a year ago today.
And I didn’t go to one event or make one FB post or get one client or read one book which changed everything for me. It’s taking action. Consistent action.
If I was to say two things which pushes me to take action more consistently, it’s
– daily connecting with amazing community/coaches/friends
-daily mindset work (meditating/visualizing/journaling/gratitude are mine)
If I want any different result, my first go to thought is “what do I need to change everyday to change this result? What team member do I need to bring on, what coach do I need to hire, etc.?”
Rather than a single event…
– I may attend a series of events around one topic
– I may hire a coach.
– I may join a FB group, or create a new routine to do every single day.
Because now I know success in anything comes from a habit, not an event. Wherever you are right now, is because of habits you’ve had in the past, and wherever you will be in the future is a result of the habits you have and/or create today.
P.S. I decided for Valentine’s Week I’m going to give away some resources. Every day this week, I’ll give away a resource which I normally reserve for paying clients, (like a video teaching from my live event for example), but this week to share the ❤️, I’ll give away these things for free.
So for Day #1: here’s your first love gift.
If you are a coach and need to grow your business using high ticket coaching ($2k+ packages) and want to create a new habit around your selling conversation, something together for you.
It’s a gift.
Over the last year of building a multiple six figure coaching business, I created a habit around each high ticket coaching conversation. Something I do again and again which works.
People who are unsuccessful in building a coaching business (yet who really know their stuff) don’t need everything to change, perhaps just a different habit around how they do their business needs to shift and that will be enough. But really, the biggest struggle I’ve seen is not knowing how to generate leads and run their coaching conversation.
If I could get one thing to start my coaching business now, it would be a powerful script.
And now, if you want my sales script, I’ll send it to you. Until tomorrow of course.
And by the way, for those of you who have gotten it before, I’ve updated it since then. This is the most recent version of it I use for myself and give to clients.
No catch here. It’s literally what I use when I talk to potential clients when we are both deciding if we want to work together. I’ve used it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in my first year and my clients use it to generate a six figure earning income as well.
And no, you don’t need to have a conversation with me to get it, you just click and it’s yours.
If you’d like it, comment saying “I want it!” And I’ll send you a message with the link to receive it.
This one is only available until my post late tomorrow morning, so comment if you’d like it and I’ll make sure you get access.
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