This weekend my team and I created a private event for the members of the Wealthy Coach Academy. People flew in from every corner.
Creating this event, with all of the laughs, breakthroughs, not nearly enough food breaks, the hysterical dance breaks, and everything in between.
It was a dream come true.
This crew is on a mission to transform the world in their coaching businesses and it’s been a dream to bring them together.
To see their smiling faces, to hug their (super-fit!) bodies, and teach them live-in-person is a dream come true.
These people are those who I deeply respect, who I can be fully weird with (and they are fully weird with me), and together we are on a mission.
And it’s likely the smallest the Academy live meet up will ever be (it’s the first one after all), it only gets bigger and better from here.
Tonight, I am so grateful for this #tribe.
We are family.
We will be connected forever.
We will transform the world together.
#wealthycoachlive #wealthycoachacademy #becausegainz 💪🏻 ❤️
P.S. Tribe, I love you and let’s keep growing together.



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