Here’s the story of how I did it by by helping others build their coaching businesses faster than anyone I know.
I’m sitting here flying from New Orleans to Los Angeles after the holidays more excited about beginning a New Year than any time in my life.
A downward spiral I began creating for myself back in February 2015 finally ended.
At the time, I was very new in business, starting a door to door sales company in the solar industry. I had high hopes and expectations for the business. I thought I would end up doing very well.
So I got a credit card.
And then I got another credit card.
And then I maxed them both out in the next 30 days.
Not realizing that’s REALLY bad for your credit. And I had no idea how I would pay them both off anytime soon.
Unfortunately, my business didn’t do as well as I thought it would in 2015. I missed most of the payments in my first year of having cards. Sometimes missing payments for 3 months at a time. It was bad.
But today I paid it off. I paid off my last credit card.
Not only that, I realize lately I’m living my ideal lifestyle.
– I travel whenever I want, to wherever I want. I’ve been to Europe this year, been to any and every conference I desired to. I run my business from my phone, iPad, and recently acquired laptop.
– I live in exactly the city I want to (Venice, CA), and am moving into a dream home next month.
– I literally never cook. Every meal I eat I pay someone to prepare for me, one way or another. LITERALLY.
– I have time freedom, and can literally work 1 day a week (for about 4 hours total, incidentally, there’s the 4 hour workweek, lol) if I choose to, and have a six figure income for the next year. I work more, because I LOVE what I do and it would be painful not to work.
My business has made multiple six figures this year (in my first year of coaching. I think the specific number is $280k so far. (that’s cash in the bank).
More important to me, I’ve helped clients create their own six figure earning coaching companies.
– A client named Jhony made $9k in his first 10 days applying what he learned after starting working with me.
– Dan made $15.3k in his first 2.5 weeks and over $37k in his first 12 weeks of online coaching as he launched his business with me. (This is exponentially more money than he’d ever seen in a year before that time.)
– Eric made $7k in the first 3 weeks launching his business, and as a personal trainer (before starting with me) this FREAKING blew his mind.
– I could go on and on with examples.
These are people with no experience in sales, none in online coaching, and they’re not doing email marketing, paid ads, or a funnel to make an impact in the world.
I literally don’t know a single coach in the industry who gets people results this fast. Everyone else I know tells the results of their clients after 6 months or a year or whatever. This is the first month for these amazing people.
But what’s crazy is the lifestyle I teach people to create is so new even to me.
10 months ago I was sleeping on the floor of my mom’s friend’s house. Staying awake for hours a night because I was hungry and was struggling to figure out how I could afford my next meal. Hoping friends would invite me over and cook for me so I wouldn’t have to eat the leftover rice and bread from my mom’s friend’s kitchen.
Let alone make a freaking payment on credit cards which had been maxed out for over a year.
And yet now I get the opportunity to help other coaches, speakers, authors, grow their own high value coaching businesses so they can create their own version of true freedom. Create the life they love. And hell, pay off their credit cards too like I got to.
It’s time for me to give back. I was putting together a simple version of a course, pricing it at $997 to join. But I thought hell, what if I just made this value accessible to everyone.
So now it’s going to be free. Which is insane with what I’m giving you, and I’m a bit afraid it’s giving too much for nothing might keep you from taking action. But if you’ll take action and use this to grow your business, this is for you.
Here’s what’s included in the course:
– Free lead generation strategies which make you real cash. This is not email marketing, paid ads, or a funnel (which is what everyone else online is teaching. It’s also not network marketing. And no, it’s not just videos like you see me doing on here. 😉
– Powerful sales mindset strategies, including one hack which helped a new coach close a $12k sale the day after I taught it to him.
– The EXACT sales script I used (and refined again and again) to generate multiple six figures in sales this year. And normally only give to paying clients.
– How to know, craft, and share your story so it CONNECTS you to your ideal clients, the people who need to buy from you.
– How to package your coaching programs and services to be the most attractive to your clients and most fun for you to deliver on.
– The process I used to grow my Instagram from 400 followers to 19k in 4.5 months (all real followers. And no, the secret wasn’t using hashtags, as those never made a difference for me).
– The how-to of building a six figure coaching business even if you don’t have a large online audience, and want it to start working for you IMMEDIATELY. (Particularly as we enter the time of year where people are more apt to spend money on your coaching than ever before).
– 7 days of coaching in a powerfully motivating environment to create your next sale.
Literally the purpose of this course is not information, but implementation. My promise is that you will have everything you need to close a minimum of a $1k sale before the end of the week If you don’t, I promise it will not be because I held anything back from you, I won’t.
We begin Jan 2. But there is a limit on how many people I will accept this round. So if you want to be in, comment “I WANT IN” before I hit the limit and I’ll add you to the group. (If we are not friends on FB, then you must send me a personal message on FB IN ADDITION to commenting so I can send you the secret link).
This will be the most valuable thing I’ve ever put into the world for free. But I know in the end, if I put more good into the world, eventually it can only come back right?
I look forward to seeing you inside. And helping you experience true freedom along with me.



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