Feeling so intensely blessed for a wonderful team today. Finding an all star team to run and grow my company was the absolute greatest thing I could ever do.
Would love to introduce you to them.
Kerrie Kuntz-Mendoza: the brains behind it all. This woman runs the show behind the scenes. So much happens in my business because she runs it.
If stuff is happening on the operations side of the business, it’s because she’s making it happen.
Always patient with me when I go on a rant, always listening when I give her completely unrealistic timelines on completing things, always giving me love when I feel down. This woman is Wonder Woman to me.
Ben Gower: my head coach and sales trainer in the company. I’m so blessed to have the man who originally trained me in sales to now running the sales for my company.
This is a guy who’s stuck with me through thick and thin. When I struggled to believe I could make this business work, to when I was homeless and needed a place to stay, to trusting me time and again when I shared crazy ideas to see if it would work.
Ben has been there through everything. He loves our clients with all of his heart and doesn’t rest until they have everything they need.
He is diligent to vet applicants to our program so we only have true all stars on the inside so we have a stellar community.
And he is on board for the mission of the company, wherever that may lead us.
Darius Vega: Mr. Beast Mode and Head Coach
Those in the Academy know him as the ultimate burst of energy. A guy who’s passion and zest for life is only matched by his powerful intelligence and love for our clients and the world.
Absolutely tireless, ever full of encouragement and power. And coaching our clients into their absolute greatness is this guy. He straight up drops in on ’em like ISIS.
This guy is an absolute star in a 1000 ways, and I’m so grateful we work alongside each other.
Interviewing clients all day to see if they’ll step up to the plate to join our group, and then powerfully coaching our clients and speaking to them on our stage too. This guy is a true gem.
Chloe Gower: the heart, sweetness, and sugar on our team. This woman is the “mama bear” we needed to cool us down. Bring us together. And make sure our heads stay connected to our hearts.
Keeping our clients connected in accountability, making sure they have everything they need. This woman is the ultimate nurturer and is a powerful communicator to boot!
She’s also my unofficial nutritionist and health practitioner, bringing me back to life after serious adrenal fatigue and always sharing wisdom to make sure I’m at my best.
Plus she’s an amazing health coach in her own right!
Dartanion London: one of the newest additions to the team, this amazing man is holding it down for videography with us.
Filming our events this last weekend, and being a source of comedy and laughter whenever I get a little to in my head.
Plus he’s helping me develop a new concept for video which you’ll know about soon enough. Such an amazing gift.
Alec Gilmartin: another amazing videographer we have on the team who manages my constant steam of video content and turns it into magic for my Instagram/Facebook and soon to be YouTube.
Diligent, focused, always reliable, and a gift.
Starting 6 months ago with absolutely no team and running this thing by myself, I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by all stars who make this business what it is: a force for transformation in the world.
I feel blessed to be working alongside them, and wonder how I ever got along without them.
These people are the reason the Academy sees people posting financial wins, new clients signed, and amazing breakthroughs every single day like clockwork.
I have always said what I am most proud of is my clients and their results, and while I’m deeply proud of them.
I think I’m more proud of my team who makes those results possible.
They are the lifeblood, the heartbeat, the hands and feet of this work. They are what drives it.
If you’re building your business, I encourage you to only work with those who are a “fuck yes!” On every level to serve where you place them.
The team makes the difference and I’ve got a team which makes me forever grateful.
P.S. Team, let’s change the world together. If we stick together, it’s inevitable.
#becausegainz 💪🏻 ❤️



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