I was spending time with some friends at a church I used to attend. I had no where to stay that night as I had run out of money completely.
I was figuring I would sleep in my car for New Years, as I didn’t have the money to pay for a hotel room and I’d recently been kicked out of my former home for overstaying the lease and not paying it. I was even wondering how I’d eat the next few days.
It was one of the most anxiety rich days of my life

Although 2016 started in despair, 2015 started with hope. I had recently started my door to door solar sales business with high hopes.
It was my first business.
I thought there was no reason I wouldn’t make multiple six figures. But really I was pushing for (and expecting to make) 7 figures. The margins if you make a sale in solar are very good, so it didn’t seem out of reach.
I of course was in over my head.
I had no idea how business works.
How to brand, how to sell, how to market, how to build a team, nothing. So the whole year I struggled, by myself, trying to hire but had a small problem no one wanting to work with me (and for good reason).
All in all, the business ended up making about $65k that year, which about half of it I reinvested into the company. I also went about $25k in debt (further investing into myself and the company).
It didn’t help that door to door sales is an emotionally taxing career. I felt emotionally exhausted day after day, and combined with me leaving my faith of 8 years as a Christian (no judgment on any person of faith, i only realized it didn’t work for me anymore), particularly with having spent my entire adult life thinking I was going to be a pastor and missionary, all of this combined for me to feel like crap a lot of the time.
Plus by the end of 2015, I had a surgery to repair my torn ACL (which was the same knee I tore my ACL in a year before). With this, I was unable to work my door to door sales job, so I was essentially unable to bring in income for awhile from my door to door sales job.
You see, 2015 ended as the worst year of my life.

Thankfully, after church ended someone asked me what I was up to that night and I said I didn’t know. I was still figuring out where I was staying.
She looked confused.
“Really?” She said, “Well, why don’t you just stay with me.”
Inwardly I’m saying “YES, A COUCH TONIGHT!”
You have to understand, it was cold outside.
I went to her home, where she had invited friends over to celebrate the New Year. And while they celebrated 2016 coming in, I frantically worried.
I worried how I was going to get my life together. I had a recently started coaching business where I’d made like $1500 total. I didn’t know how to make money, I basically gotten lucky with the money I made so far.
I had a failing door to door sales company (because I wasn’t committed to it or passionate about it).
But I had a dream. And that night, New Years Eve on into New Years Day. I made a commitment to myself.
I would make coaching work. I would create this business.
This work would be my life’s contribution to the world.

I stayed at that person’s house on into February.
Still broke, I simply couldn’t stay anymore. I moved into my mom’s friends house. She’s basically like my aunt.
But she didn’t have a bed for me to sleep in.
She didn’t even have a couch.
So I slept on the floor.
It was the best she could offer me. It was the best I could get.
Each night, I went to sleep wondering how I could get out of it, I realized the reason why I didn’t know how to get out of it, was because I hadn’t already gotten out of it myself.
Wait…did you catch that?
I realized I didn’t know how to get out of it, because I hadn’t gotten out of it.
So the solution was to find someone who had been where I was, and gotten where I wanted to go. If they showed me what to do, I could be free. I could make it out of it.
I realized this path was exactly what I did when I transformed my body, I got a coach, someone who helped people do this for a living, and as soon as I got a coach, my body radically changed. In 2014, I gained 15 lbs in 30 days and then cultivated my ideal body over the next 7 months. If you look at the transformation picture in my featured photos, you’ll see my 8 month transformation picture from 2014.
So now in my business, if I wanted it to radically change, I could only do it (quickly) by hiring a coach.
I committed. No matter what. I would find a coach. I would hire that coach. And I would do whatever the fuck he said until it worked for me so I would never
Ever sleep on the floor again.
I found a coach. Borrowed money from my dad, took every last dollar I had remaining from my previous business and invested it for the first payment in this coach.
And I did everything he said to do. I mean everything. I was on fire. On a mission.
The next month I made roughly double what I had made in my first 3 months as a coach. Which was $4k. I saw it working.
But at the end of the month I realized I didn’t have enough money to make the second payment to him. I made enough to pay my bills, but not to continue working with him.
This was one of the biggest moments of my life. A very serious crossroads.
Would I quit? Would I walk away from this coach and the support I received from him? Or would I continue with what was really a lifeboat for me.
The only thing I had left was my car. My credit cards were still maxed out.
I realized I could keep what was the illusion of freedom (my car), or I could let it go and get what was true freedom (an empowered mind) by continuing to work with my coach. If I had the information my coach had in my head, I knew I’d never have to worry about making great money the rest of my life.
I remember it clearly. It was April 9, the day before my birthday. I put an ad up on Craigslist to sell my car that day. By 9 pm, someone came to my home and handed me $4000 cash to drive away with a car which used to be mine.

This year, I’ve lived the beginning of my dream.
– I traveled throughout Europe while running my business
– Many of the people who used to be my heroes are now my personal friends.
– I’ve been to the most amazing conferences and completely upgraded my group of friends through attending this powerful leadership conference called MITT, Tony Robbins’ events, and many more.
– I had sex for the first time! And many more times after that. (Yes I was a virgin until February of 2016). For those that are about to ask me how it was, it was amazing. I now see what all the hype is about. (For sex that is.) This is now one of my favorite activities.
– Helped clients lose hundreds of pounds of fat while coaching fitness, and helped clients make dozens and dozens of thousands of dollars while coaching business.
– I drank a shitload of green juice.
– I moved to my dream city of Venice, CA.
– Made multiple six figures personally.
– Hosted my first (and second) live event in Venice. Many more to come.
– And worked with some amazing amazing coaches.
– and most importantly, got off the floor. Now I sleep in a bed.
– And I’ll keep sleeping in one.
You see,
2016 was the best year of my life (so far).

2017 looms before us. A creation waiting to happen. What will you write? What will you do? What will you have?
I went from the lowest point of my life to the best in 1 year.
It’s amazing what commitment and the right guidance can do to create your vision. I’m feeling the most content, grateful, and blessed I ever have in my life. And commitment made the difference. Commitment to something bigger than myself.
I’m committed to making 2017 the best year of my life. The main thing on my mind which will allow that is to help empower AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to have a turnaround like I did from 2015-2016. I want others to step into their dream, their passion, their gifts, so they create their dreams and passion too.
Others can get off the floor, out of the job they’re no longer passionate about and step into their dream.
This year is about bigger impact for people, and the way to bigger impact is a bigger team. A bigger team working with me, and a bigger team of clients.
Indeed, my word for this year is TEAM.
I’m honored to have you with me.
Let’s make 2017 the best year of our life yet…
With so much love,
Coach Sterling
P.S. If you want to be a part of my team, and join a challenge I’m hosting for coaches to grow thier coaching businesses over the next 7 days. I invite you to join us.
The challenge begins tomorrow.
A couple hundred of us are committed to growing our income and impact over the next 7 days. I’ll share with you what you need to make your next $1000, and if you’re already a coach doing well, I’ll share what you need to create those $15k-$55k coaching clients like I did in my first year and deliver at a HUGE LEVEL
So they tell you “you changed my life.” The greatest words for any coach to hear.
Want to
– Create overflowing numbers leads to where you literally have to turn people away because you only have time to work with your favorites?
– Feel confident closing any size coaching package for 6-12 months and delivering at a huge level?
– Coach for LIFE CHANGE so your coaching sticks with people long after they finish their program with you
– make multiple six figures in your next year of coaching, and do it while living a lifestyle you read in the books?
If we are not friends on FB, PM me as well. So I can send you the secret link.
Today is the last day to be accepted for this round.
We begin tomorrow afternoon.
I look forward to serving you. And seeing you fluorish to the next level in style.
P.P.S. Share this post if you are inspired. 🙂



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