A year and a day ago today, I put up my first invitation for others to join my coaching program.
Then a day later. (Exactly 366 days ago or 1 year ago today). I signed on my first paying client ever.
What most people don’t know is at the time I had been laid up at my mom’s friend’s house in LA, was about 4 days out from an ACL surgery, and watching my knee get stretched up and down on this machine in front of me so I could try and to walk soon.
I launched this business the way I did, with urgency. Mainly because I was so passionate about changing people’s lives to get exactly what they want.
But also partly because I was broke and needed some cash flow so I could eat the next week. Lol. True story.
All the while, I had this dream of a business and life where I travel the world, serve clients remotely, and make a decent income to support myself.
I had no idea how tough it would be to create, especially as long as I tried to do it without having a series of amazing business coaches. A couple months later I realized one of my main reasons for being broke was trying to figure it out myself. I fixed that by hiring people who had done it before.
It was still tough.
It demanded the best of me and more.
I spent a lot of time in anxiety and fear. A lot of “can I ever make this work?” Or “what the hell am I doing?”
But I have now the feeling it was so worth it. So unbelievably worth all the pain and struggle.
What’s incredible is that although 2015 was the most challenging year of my life, I think 2016 was the best. I’ll write another longer post about the details of that. But for now,
For those of you who are still trying to find out their dream and commit to it, or those of you who know what they want to do but are unsure when they should “take the leap,” I have this word for you.
Once you figure out the dream you have (even if you feel unqualified, like you would be a fraud, like no one would be interested in working with you (I certainly felt all of these things for SURE)), that’s the time to move on it.
Literally there will never be a “right” time to commit. The only time you actually have is “now” so if you don’t do it now, you may never.
Here are your options if you have a dream:
1. You can be scared and do nothing.
Result: Regret
2. You can be scared and take action anyway.
Result: Feedback and Fulfillment
Either way you’ll be scared, but you might as well go for your dream. If you fail, no one will love you less.
After all, no one who did anything great, lived because of the judgment of others, they lived from their heart where their dream lived.
I was broke so many times on the way to making this business work. And I’ve made great money and I help my clients make great money after working with me.
But it’s not why I started really. It’s not why my clients start. They do it because the moments when someone says “you changed my life” makes all the struggle, the pain, the fear, the anxiety worth it.
Because with that simple word, i see what I dreamed of a year ago became the fulfillment of someone else’s dream.
That’s the greatest reward any one can get.
I’m thankful 2016 has been wonderful. But where this is going it will be the smallest year by far in terms of impact.
I’ll be in this coaching game for the next 20, 30, 40 years minimum. I’m committed to being a force for transformation for people to get exactly what they want in every area of their life.
Hosting events and coaching powerfully like Tony Robbins? Trust me that’s coming. But in my own way and flavor. 🙂 it will be unlike anything he’s ever done before (or anyone else), but transform people everywhere just the same.
But I’m so happy this afternoon, to see it all started with one simple FB post, and one amazing client who went on to lose 32 pounds in the next 3 months (I was doing fitness coaching at the time).
To see even though I thought it wouldn’t work, it somehow did in it’s special way.
Your dream will too.
But only if you start now.
See you at the top.
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